#ElasPilotam: five tips for Christmas gifts - and for 2022!

2021-12-23 08:02:50 By : Mr. Tony Xie

Not sure what to buy for your favorite rider or pillion?!The #ElasPilotam team made a list to suit all tastes and budgets.This time of year arrives and with it comes the get togethers, moments with family and friends, parties and the long-awaited exchange of gifts.And how many times do we spend hours and hours researching the best option that fits in your pocket and, of course, that surprises your loved one, right?Therefore, to make life easier for those who love motorcycles, we at #ElasPilotam put in our conversation the theme "gifts we would like to give and receive" that are connected to the world two wheels and that are universal, those who give to use at any time, by women or men.So we've separated 5 options with tips so you don't make a mistake in your choice, check it out:With tours of one to three days, the Caminhos da Serra team, led by rider Moara Sacilotti, offers off-road tour packages that include motorcycle rental, safety equipment, and guided routes through Serra da Mantiqueira.An unforgettable tour exploring the region's natural beauty, with breathtaking waterfalls and landscapes, in addition to the delicious Minas Gerais cuisine.The packages have values ​​starting at R$ 950.00.Learn more: https://caminhosdasserras.com2. Piloting Techniques CourseTechnique is training, training is technique.This is one of those mantras that in a motorcyclist's life never hurts.With that in mind, we've listed an On Road (meaning “on the road/or asphalt”) defensive riding course from Triumph TRX.With values ​​starting in the range of R$ 900 depending on the use of own motorcycle or rented motorcycle.An important detail: it is not necessary to have a branded motorcycle to participate in the courses and classes vary according to the student's ability.The company also offers a range of other experiences ranging from guided tours, one-day motorbike rental, and meeting events.Learn more at www.triumphexperience.com.br3. Second skin pants with abrasive protectionWhat better way to declare your affection and care for someone than to give them protection?!We know that protective equipment for motorcyclists is a fundamental part of safety, from head to toe.The Brazilian company, Corse, has developed a second skin made with aramid fiber – popularly known as Kevlar™, which serves as an extra barrier against abrasion between the asphalt and the skin.Corse's second-skin line, starting at R$489, is perfect for transforming any pants into pants with abrasive protection and heat-resistant (think about those burnt exhausts).You can change your wardrobe with style when it's time to hang out.More details at www.usecorse.com/feminino/second-skin-unisex-100-para-aramid-kevlarOf course, we weren't going to pass up this opportunity to talk about the #ElasPilotam line.It has t-shirts, mugs, stickers, caps.Great option to encourage women of any style and age.Even now the children's line is also available.And for the men who support the movement, why not use and carry our strength around?Showing that support and encouragement are ways to respect female motorcycling.Check out the complete line at www.elaspilotam.comThis one goes for those who like mate and a lot of style!The Ramona Road Kit was developed by graphic design and motorcyclist Adrienne Reyes – @Drride – in partnership with Matte n'Roll, a company specialized in mate, which has a footprint mixing the culture of drink and rock n' roll.For the kit, the company developed an exclusive herbal mate blend, and Drride added the final touch with the visual identity of the entire project.The result was a beautiful headband that represents the love of music, the road, and of course, matte.BRL 79.00.As of December 21, 2021, through the link http://mattenroll.com.brVoltz will be the first brand to produce electric vehicles in Brazil,...One of the most recent creations by Lord Drake Kustoms (LDK), from Malaga, is the Harley-Dav...The Suzuki V-Strom 650 arrives in its 2022 lineup with new color options.Accordingly...With more than 20 years of tradition, MOTOCYCLISMO brings every month on the newsstands a lot of quality information, with judicious tests, news, articles about lifestyle and everything else that surrounds our wonderful Planeta Moto!2018 Motorcycling Online.All Rights Reserved.